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These are comments from our students and parents


I used to go to soccer but I stopped because I like Karate more. Now I am green belt and am going to the tournaments to do my best! I am a future black belt! I love my Sensei and I think his the best.


I have wanted to do Karate for as long as I can remember. Now I am already an orange belt, on my way to becoming a Champion! I love going to my Karate class and working with my Sensei everyday. I won gold medal in Kata Competition twice!

I want to thank Sensei Maxwell and Sempai Dax, thank you for making the class possible! I am truly lucky to have two wonderful people with such great techniques and wisdom to teach me Karate! A good Sensei is someone that not only teaches you about Karate, but it is one that also teaches you about life. The both of you provide excellent examples at how one should live with spirit, and education! I will continue to push myself in my training, hopefully by September, with your help I can take my understanding and ability in Shotokan Karate to the next level.

Sensei, This class was a good experience for everyone, from young to adults, brown belts to white belts. Each person seemed to take with them something new that they learned from both Sensei and Sempai Palau. We all had a great time, and hope to use the techniques that you taught in the future as we grow to make our karate stronger!!

Dear Sensei, We would like to thank you for the class on Saturday. It was a wonderful experience for both daughters and for myself. I was happy to see such a wonderful spirit in the people and in the atmosphere of the event. The girls said they had fun and learned a lot. I was happy not to see the tension that we normally see at other dojo's. We are very thankful for finding you and your dojo. They are very proud to wear their Gi!


Sensei Maxwell taught us a lot of good techniques. The techniques would be looked upon as insignificant and one would say," However, the downward motion of mawashi geri, the usage of elbows when blocking......makes the technique effective...........and thus Sensei Maxwell taught us things that we should pay more attention to and that would help us do better when we compete in competitions or on the street. And so it is, I think the #1 thing that makes Sensei Maxwell a dangerous fighter is not his strength but the way he applies the small details to each of his techniques.

I have been a part of Sensei Palau's dojo for the past 3 years and in that time, I have seen many students, including my own son, grow in their enthusiasm and talent for Shotokan. Sensei Palau has always demonstrated a professional and compassionate teaching style that is apparent amongst his loyal students.


Maxwell’s teaching is complete karate, he does not just focus on one aspect of karate but rather he covers the entire spectrum, from kihon, to kata, to bunkai, to self defense and philosophy. His spirit motivates me to learn more and more and to keep training hard for competition.

Sensei, it was my pleasure to be in the class yesterday at your dojo. Sempai Dax was indeed impressive. I thought the class was a great success considering how smoothly things were done. Congratulations on a job well done! Of course I am not ready to compete in anything, but I am wondering if I could attend a self-defense class with you while I am in Palm Desert and at the same time to support our classmates in their competition. Thank you.

Today, once again, I'm left proud and humbled by the spirit and character of Sensei Palau. We got a little bit of the flavor of a tournament. James and David were recognized with medals and certificates for winning third and first in their category. We should all congratulate Sensei Palau for a job well done. It was some of the other things I noticed that really struck me, however. Holden and Tyler performed better than some of the adults, and I was particularly pleased with the way Margaret carried herself.




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